COME n GO™ is a directional signalling device in clothing.

Occasionally you come across an idea so simple it can revolutionise an industry. With their COME n GO™ concept, Claw Boots has done just that.

High-visibility PPE has been used in the work environment for over 50 years. However, by mixing multiple fluorescent colours, the only advantage was high visibility. In 2018 Claw Boots launched COME n GO™ directional clothing, partnering and combining high visibility with directional awareness.

This new directional clothing shows acid/green facing = come, and orange/red unsighted/turned away = go. So not only do you see the person, but you know that the person wearing acid/green on their chest can see you. In contrast, the person wearing the orange/red is unsighted, and you need to be more careful. This simple COME n GO™ system will do for safety what traffic lights did for the flow of road traffic and safety in general. By adopting the COME n GO™ system nationally on our roads, industry, mining, and forestry, we could dramatically reduce national accidental deaths, making South Africa a far safer place.

COME n GO™ gives the advantage of directional awareness and enhances:

  1. Safety and security: Highly visible people are easy to spot in unauthorised or no-go areas. Accidents are also minimised because people are more cautious and aware.
  2. Productivity: Through directional visibility, your workforce will increase productivity as all players are aware of every movement or lack thereof.
  3. Departmental supervision: By giving departments differing peripheral coloured COME n GO™directional clothing, one can immediately see who is in the correct department and who is wandering around in other departments.
  4. Savings: By adopting COME n GO™, employers don’t need to buy a uniform and high-visibility vest. One garment does both jobs.

Mining COME n GO™ is especially suited to mining environments where any light source reflects off the strategically placed reflective tape, showing the colour of the garment and indicating which direction the person is facing.

The COME n GO™ range is manufactured in South Africa with local and imported raw materials. In addition, it is manufactured to high-end-quality specifications, including 65/35 – D 59 and moisture management fabric. As a result, this range of directional clothing is suitable for all weather conditions and working environments.

These garments are highly customisable. You can specify user-friendly special features like utility pockets, triple-triple stitched garments, seven loops on trousers, cellphone pockets, pen pockets, etc.

After SASOL Synfuels saw the advantages of COME n GO™ directional clothing, they immediately authorised the use of the garments, provided they meet SABS specifications and are proudly made in South Africa.