Step-by-step: How to ensure that PPE is used when necessary

Step 1: Ensure that you consult with employees before introducing the equipment. Employees who perform the relevant functions are in the best position to provide information about the operational requirements of the job and the risks and hazards associated with it.

Step 2: Clearly signpost locations or activities which require the use of specific PPE. In addition, this information should be included in manuals which set out operating procedures.

Step 3: Adopt a policy which requires all staff to use the PPE provided in specified circumstances. The policy should make it clear that employees who do not use equipment as directed (including caring for and maintaining it) will be disciplined.

Step 4: Ensure that supervisors are given direct responsibility for ensuring that the policy is complied with. Remind them that they will be subject to disciplinary action if the equipment is not used consistently, or maintained appropriately. You must ensure that all supervisors are trained in the selection and use of PPE.

Step 5: Store protective clothing and equipment in a location which is accessible to employees who need to use it. It must be stored in a way which is safe and secure.