Claw Boots PROTECTIVE WORKWEAR…Whatever The Job

The Claw Boots PROTECTIVE WORKWEAR range is custom made from fabrics and materials, commissioned from the worlds leading cloth manufacturers to suit South African conditions.
We have asked tradies, miners, builders, mechanics, gardeners and construction workers what they want in the work clothes they wear and have come up with the Claw Boots PROTECTIVE WORKWEAR range.

We can't change a workers looks, but we can ensure they look their best and feel comfortable in the best workwear available. We conform to South African Safety Standards as required and we are constantly on the lookout for fabrics with improved luminosity and reflective material, better flame resistance, special features and more comfort and durability.

Claw Boots make no extraordinary claims about their products except that they are equal to, or better than any other brand on the South African market.

At Claw Boots, we value our distributors and work in harmony with them to further ensure the requirements of our end users are met, whether through expert consultation, joint calls or contract assistance.
We also have a team of dedicated and experienced clothing professionals that offer premium service and product knowledge.

Claw Boots is a South African owned company with warehouses and representatives on all sides of South Africa.

Claw Boots promises a rapid response to customer requirements – same or next day delivery – from a huge stock inventory that is the envy of our competitors.